Beachcombed Crown

Step-by-step instructions for creating our Beachcombed Crown.

Part of our Chapter Three, Pearly Kings and Sea Queens dress up story.

Step 1.

Before you begin, head to the sea to collect your own beach-combed finds. Look out for shells or stones with natural holes to thread your needle through, as well as driftwood, smooth sea glass and dried seaweed. Together with your starter pack of shells, these beach treasures will make your crown completely unique.

Step 2.

Decide which of the four templates you would like to use as a base for your crown and carefully cut around your chosen shape. Place your paper crown onto the piece of felt, so that the centre mark along the bottom edge of the template lines up with the middle hole along the punched edge of the felt.

Step 3.

Use your tailors chalk to draw around the edge of the crown template before carefully cutting the shape out. If you find the chalk tricky to use, you can also pin the paper to the felt and cut around the template this way. Sharp scissors are recommended, so this step is best completed by an adult.

Step 4.

Before attaching the felt to the headband, you may want to add some decorative stitching. Using the embroidery thread and needle, consider adding some stitched decoration to the centre of your crown, or embellish the edge using a running or blanket stitch. Get creative, and if you’re unsure, use the tailors chalk to plan your design before you stitch.

Step 5.

Once you are happy with your stitched design, attach the embroidered felt to the headband. To do this, align the centre point of the crown with the centre of the headband and hold in place (a pin can help). Using the jute twine, first tie a tight knot around the headband base and then start threading the twine through the punched holes in the felt, wrapping around the headband and pulling the twine tight as you go.

Step 6.

Once you’ve looped the twine through all of the holes, you may want to create a criss-cross pattern by looping back through the holes, or you could use the twine to cover the whole headband by wrapping right to the ends. Use secure knots to tie off the twine, and for extra strength, some stitches using your upholstery needle and thread will help keep the twine in place.

Step 7.

It’s now time to get creative with your shells and beach-combed finds, using the embroidery needle and thread to attach your decorations. There is right or wrong way – have fun creating your own unique design, looping the thread around the shells and any beach treasure you have
collected, tying secure knots at the back of the felt before cutting any loose

Step 8.

Finally, add the finishing touch by attaching your freshwater pearls. To do this you will need the finer upholstery needle and thread, looping the thread through the drilled hole in each pearl and again tying a secure knot at the back of the felt before cutting any loose ends - enjoy!