Pom Pom Bunny Tail

Step-by-step instructions for creating our Chapter Two, Breakfast Bunnies Pom Pom Tail.

Step 1.

Choose which size pom pom you would like to make and carefully cut out the corresponding paper template.

Step 2.

Using a pencil, trace two copies of the pom pom template shape onto a piece of cardboard – some old packaging is ideal, you could even use the box your kit came in. Cut out the two cardboard discs and place them one on top of the other, lining up the notches.

Step 3.

Cut a length of yarn approx. 20cm long and set aside – this will be used later to tie off your pom pom. Now begin winding the yarn around your cardboard ring, wrapping over the loose end as you start, to hold it in place.

Step 4.

Keep wrapping the yarn around the cardboard ring until you have built up several layers, being careful not to wrap the yarn too tightly. Once your pom pom feels nice and fat (four or five layers of wrapping) cut the yarn, leaving a length of approx. 20cm so that your pom pom doesn’t unravel.

Step 5.

It’s now time to cut your pom pom loose - this step can be tricky and requires sharp scissors so is best done by an adult. Holding the pom pom tight so as not to lose any yarn, place the blade of the scissors between the two cardboard rings and begin cutting the yarn, working your way round from one end of the disc to the other.

Step 6.

Once all of the yarn has been cut, take the length of yarn you set aside earlier and thread it between the two cardboard rings. Loop the yarn around and tie a tight, secure knot before removing the cardboard and setting your pom pom free!

Step 7.

You’ll notice your pom pom
is a little uneven and needs a haircut. Have fun trimming - a good way to make sure you trim your pom pom evenly is to use the cardboard discs as a template - sandwich your pom pom between the two rings, squash down and trim around the edges in a circle. Rotate the pom pom between the discs and repeat until you are happy with the shape. 

Step 8.

To attach the ribbon, find the knot in the middle of the pom pom and thread the ribbon behind the knotted yarn, pulling it through until the pom pom sits at the midpoint.