Felt Bunny Ears

Step-by-step instructions for creating our Chapter Two, Breakfast Bunnies Felt Bunny Ears.

Step 1.

Carefully cut-out the bunny ear shapes so that you have two sets of the inner ear and two sets of the outer ear templates.

Step 2.

Place the large outer ear templates onto your piece of 3mm thick felt, pinning the ears in place before carefully cutting around each shape. Sharp scissors are recommended, so this step is best completed by an adult.

Step 3.

Now place the smaller inner ear templates onto the thinner piece of felt. Pin in place and carefully cut around each shape as described above.

Step 5.

Remove the paper templates from the felt and place the smaller inner ear pieces on top of the larger outer ear pieces.

Step 6.

Make sure the inner ears are sitting straight by matching up the pins or the chalk marks at the bottom of each ear, and by matching the top of the inner ear shapes with the point marked towards the top of the outer ear shapes. Pin in place.

Step 7.

It’s now time to sew the ears together. Mark your stitch line down the centre of each ear with a row of pins, or alternatively,  some tailors chalk.

Step 9.

To attach your ears to the ribbon, fold the ribbon in half and mark the centre point with a pin. Place the ribbon on top of the ears
and pin in place, leaving approximately 1.5cm on either side of the centre point of the ribbon.

Step 10.

Finally, sew the ribbon to the felt ears using two stitch lines along the top and bottom edges of the ribbon. Again, you can do this by hand-stitching or by using a sewing machine.